17 March

Wednesday Journal Forum


Equity upends process

I believe when it comes to improving inequities and breaking down systemic racism, we have to get past surface conversations in order to get to meaningful changes. I believe we are where we are in 2020 because we have fits and starts when it comes to addressing issues. We did not get to where we are overnight, so I recognize solutions will not happen overnight either. However, we need leadership that will guide the authentic, sincere, hard work necessary and I will facilitate the conversations that invite a diversity of perspectives.

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Local groups organize RBG vigil

I have great respect for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and will be forever grateful for the selfless work she did on behalf of marginalized communities. She recognized the importance of giving voice to those not always heard. She fought for what was right, even when it meant standing alone.She modeled that it is possible to disagree with colleagues on policy yet maintain respectful dialog and friendships. I’m inspired by her willingness to press on in her work for others when her own life circumstances might have led her to walk away.

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Austin nonprofit debuts new space, announces new executive director

I joined the board of A House in Austin (AHIA) because I believe in the mission “to nurture secure bonds for healthy families and brighter futures”. I grew up in the Austin community and experienced first hand the negative effects of systemic racism in my community. I want to be part of re-building so children grow up there feeling the sense of and benefits of a community working for them.

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11 AUG

Affordable housing and River Forest

Affordable housing in River Forest can be preserved and realized with productive conversations if the right policies are adopted. Creative solutions are possible, but they will require input and support from the community. What will guide success is a robust plan that provides the narrative around the benefits and importance of having a range of housing stock in a community.

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RF swaps red-light camera vendors, increases its take

Events this summer implore us to look at decisions and policies through a different lens. I believed it was important to review data in order analyze the safety benefits of red light cameras over the potential negative impacts they might have. I recognize they are a revenue source and felt a conversation was necessary to determine if we as a community supported this income source at the possible detriment to residents or visitors to River Forest. I voted no on the new contract because I was not comfortable approving a five year contract without the requested data information.

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River Forest Passes ‘Historic’ Twin Villages Covenant With Maywood

I was proud to support the Twin Villages Covenant because as our LemonAid banner says, “Together we are better”. Building stronger relationships with our neighboring communities opens up endless opportunities that can benefit us all in big ways and small.

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15 OCT

Lake and Lathrop's last extension?

Development is critical to stabilizing our property taxes. However, it is important to move forward with smart development that reflects what the community wants. Our Comprehensive Plan should guide decisions around development. We should cast a big net and intentionally seek developers who will build what is right for River Forest.

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16 OCT

River Forest Village Board approves senior care facility along Harlem Avenue despite neighbors' objections

I was a “regrettable yes” on this project because I believe it was the right kind of development for River Forest but I also believe when it comes to development, we need to be better advocates for existing property owners.

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LemonAid continues as a 'kids helping kids' 9/11 tradition in River Forest

LemonAid is the definition of community. Its ongoing success is thanks to our community embracing the event from near and far to support our efforts. I’m proud to be part of LemonAid and how it brings our community together for the greater good in response to a horrific tragedy. I’m hopeful the lessons our children learn from being a part of LemonAid benefit others beyond River Forest as well.

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